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Winner of International Property Awards' World's Best Kitchen Design

This is a gourmet kitchen that is both highly functional and stunningly pleasing, designed for the frequent entertaining of a large extended family. The kitchen is equipped with top-of-the-line appliances and technology, offering exceptional features and superior performance. It is designed with efficiency in mind, providing ample space, top-quality tools, and excellent organization to allow a dedicated culinary practitioner to create well-executed gastronomic experiences.

We won the "Best International Kitchen Design Award" which is a highly coveted award judged in part by members of the Lords of London from the esteemed International Property Awards. We won this award by first winning the "Best in Maryland" at the America Property Awards, followed by winning the Americas Property Awards for "Best in the USA," and then finally the International Property Awards for "Best in the Americas," which includes North, Central, and South America. We are humbled and ecstatic to have received this prestigious honor!